Everything You Should Know About Dental Veneers

Dental veneers

The term ‘Hollywood smile’ is on the lips of every individual. However, very few are lucky enough to be born with the perfect teeth and smile. If you are longing for a gorgeous smile, probably dental veneers are your only solution! A veneer is actually a thin shell that possesses the power of restoring your smile. It covers your front teeth, hiding all your flaws. Dentists are using this dentistry to help transform the smiles of millions! Don’t you want to know why veneers is so much hype? Then read ahead! 

Instant results

Can you imagine acquiring a complete smile makeover overnight? Yes! Dental veneers have made it possible! And do you know that you just need to visit the clinic twice to get your veneers installed on your teeth! First: give the imprints of your teeth and craft your custom veneers. And on the second visit: the custom-made veneers are placed on your teeth.  

Feel like natural teeth

While most individuals think that dental veneers and artificial teeth are similar, they are definitely not! Bridges, implants, dentures, etc., are used to replace a missing tooth. Dental veneers help enhance the appearance of your teeth. The materials used to prepare the dental veneers nearly imitate that of your natural teeth. Hence, you will hardly feel any difference. You can chew your food normally even when the veneers are on!

Hide the gaps, wears, and chips 

Veneers are the best way to hide the gaps for people who are born with a tooth gap. Furthermore, if there is any chip on your teeth’ corner, worn-down edges, or anything that looks unsightly, bid them ‘bye’ with veneers! 

White teeth instantly

 Even if you are worried about your yellowish teeth, veneers are your savior! It’s like giving your teeth brand new skin! You can have an attractive and sparkling smile right away! The experts in paramount dental make the veneers in such a way that nobody could ever guess that they are not your natural teeth!


If taken care of properly, your veneers can last for a prolonged period. To be precise, it can last up to 15 years. Well, in some cases, the dental veneers look completely fine even after 20 years. So as you can see, the instant transformation of your smile lasts really long! If you are willing to get veneers, don’t think twice! You will never regret your decision! 

Pick the style you like

If you look closely, every individual has a different tooth shape. While some have rounded teeth, the others have squared off. Even the shape of canines and incisors remains different. And when you prepare your veneers, you can choose the style you wish to! Isn’t it great? When are you getting yours? At paramount dental, you can get your veneers prepared and installed at a reasonable pricing plan!  

Start assessing the smiles of your ideals now to get some ideas of the tooth shape on which you would look pretty!

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