3 Questions to Ask About Your Child’s Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early Orthodontic Treatment Long Beach, CA

Early orthodontic treatment is important for your child’s oral health. Early treatment can help fix a wide range of orthodontic problems. It can also help prevent some problems from developing and to improve your child’s appearance. With the help of an early orthodontic treatment, you can ensure that your child has a healthy smile.

Questions about early orthodontic treatment

It is crucial for parents to learn as much as possible about early orthodontic treatment. Early treatment can be immensely beneficial to the child. And parents play a vital role in maintaining the oral health of their children. Here are some of the things parents should inquire about when it comes to early orthodontic treatment.

What should parents know about the first orthodontic checkup?

Parents should take children to the orthodontist at the right time. Children can benefit fully from early treatment. The parent should ask about the right time for the first checkup. An orthodontic checkup can provide a lot of valuable information that can help determine the ideal course of action. Orthodontists are highly trained and can spot subtle problems in young patients.

The child’s first trip to the orthodontist will involve an interview and some diagnostic tests. Dental X-rays or digital scans of the child’s teeth and gums can give the dentist valuable insight into the orthodontic problem and how to correct it. These tests will show the position of the teeth and if there are teeth that have not erupted yet. Getting a traditional mold of the teeth may be necessary. This involves using a plaster material. The child may not like the taste, but it is an important reference.

The dentist will also conduct a physical dental examination. The child will need to open the mouth wide or bite to help the dentist see if there are any problems. Taking note of problems like popping sounds in the jaw or chewing issues is important. This can help create a custom-fit early orthodontic treatment plan. If there are no other pre-treatment issues to correct, the dentist will tell the parent and child that the early orthodontic treatment must begin right away.

What are the common dental problems to look out for in children?

Orthodontists treat a variety of orthodontic problems that children develop. Parents should know the dental problems that require early orthodontic treatment. In some cases, treating problems early can prevent more serious problems in the future. Some common problems include crossbites, underbites, crowded teeth, and spaced teeth.

A crossbite can come from genetic causes, abnormal eruption of adult teeth, or delayed loss of primary teeth. Overcrowding is characterized by a lack of dental space, which causes the teeth to misalign. Another problem is an underbite, which is a condition involving the protrusion of the lower teeth more outward than the upper teeth. These problems need to be corrected as early as possible because they may lead to a jaw problem.

How should parents help dentists care for a child’s oral health?

It is important for parents to know how to take care of the child’s mouth and any dental appliances provided. Good dental hygiene is vital for children with braces and any other dental appliances. There are many methods that can help keep the teeth and mouth of children clean as well as the oral appliances. Good oral hygiene can help loosen any food that may end up getting caught in the dental appliances. Plaque at and under the gumline that would eventually harden into tartar should also be removed.

It is also advisable for parents to inquire about the right oral care products that can be used. The child should use products that can promote good oral health. The products should be able to reach areas in the teeth that might be difficult to clean well with a toothbrush. Talking to the orthodontist about oral care recommendations can be very helpful. Parents should also find out when to take children for cleanings and regular checkups.

Take your child to your orthodontist for early orthodontic treatment

Parents and patients should be committed to ensuring that treatment can achieve the desired results. This can be achieved partly by proper oral care. Parents should also ensure that children get a checkup at the right time and know when orthodontic attention may be necessary. You should always ask your orthodontist any questions you have about early orthodontic treatment. The oral health care provider will be happy to answer any of your questions so that you can make informed decisions.

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