The Oral Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

The Oral Health Benefits of Straight Teeth from Paramount Dental Care & Specialty in Long Beach, CACurious about the non-cosmetic advantages of having straight teeth? Read on to learn more. The health advantages of straight teeth far outweigh the cosmetic ones. Straight teeth not only make you look good, but they are also good for your dental and general health. Maintaining good dental hygiene is more challenging if you have misaligned teeth, predisposing you to oral issues like cavities and gum disease.

The benefits of straight teeth for oral health

Some of the oral health benefits of having well-aligned teeth include:

Less risk of gum disease

Individuals with crooked teeth are more prone to developing gum disease. The inflammation and redness of the gums that accompany gingivitis, the first stage of the condition, may be exacerbated by having crowded teeth. Gum disease is a bacterial infection that breaks down gum and bone tissues and can result in tooth loss. Severe gum disease can also increase the risk of cardiovascular issues. There are fewer places for bacteria to hide when the teeth are well aligned, making it easier to keep the mouth clean and free of bacteria.

Less stress on the teeth

When people bite and chew, they exert a significant amount of force on the food. Malocclusion-impacted teeth, unlike well-aligned teeth, cannot take the pressure without a lot of pain and discomfort. Due to bite issues, the teeth are subjected to excessive tension, leading to early tooth wear. This may lead to chipping, notching at the gum line, irregular flattening of the biting surface, and fractures around the edges of teeth over time. This kind of damage is usually unsightly. Furthermore, it diminishes the strength of the teeth, increases vulnerability to gum disease, and raises the possibility of needing extensive dental operations to restore the smile.

Less risk of jaw issues

The jaw joints are also put under stress by a faulty bite. The movable joints that link the jaw to the skull are called temporomandibular joints (TMJs). Crooked or misaligned teeth may cause joint and muscle irritation, leading to discomfort in the jaw, dizziness, hearing loss, and even migraines if they are not addressed. In fact, fixing a malocclusion may bring relief for those who suffer from jaw discomfort and headaches.

Less risk of dental injuries

In the case of an accident or physical trauma, crooked or crowded upper teeth tend to project outward and are more susceptible to cracking or breaking. A fractured tooth almost always necessitates a trip to the dentist.

Improved self-image

One of the most significant ways to make a good first impression is a beautiful smile. According to a number of research studies, having an appealing smile has been linked to an increased likelihood of showing it off. One's social and professional interactions will likely improve as a result. Smiling and having a more positive self-image may also increase one's cognitive abilities and reduce stress levels.

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Final Thoughts

Straight teeth provide clear health advantages. Some individuals have naturally straight teeth. Still, even those who are not so fortunate may enjoy a healthy, attractive smile via the use of braces or other orthodontic treatments. Make an appointment with an orthodontist today to learn more about your treatment options.

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