Getting Digital X-Rays From a General Dentist

Getting Digital X-Rays From a General Dentist from Paramount Dental Care & Specialty in Long Beach, CASeeing your general dentist for digital X-rays is better than getting traditional X-rays. Advancements in technology have reached many dental practices already. Digital X-rays play a huge part in their diagnoses and treatments. If you want to find out why having digital X-rays from your general dentist is a more fruitful experience, here are the details.

Enhanced accuracy

A dental digital X-ray has a small sensor. It takes images of the patient’s teeth and sends them straight to the clinic’s computer. The software allows the general dentist to enhance, colorize, enlarge, or sharpen the images. This results in more detailed images for more accurate diagnoses. Accuracy in these digital X-rays helps the dentist determine the correct treatments the patient needs. The software improves the images while retaining valuable data.

Lower levels of radiation

The process of taking digital X-rays is quick. This lessens the radiation exposure even more than traditional X-rays. It also removes the chemicals in the presence of patients during the X-ray. Digital X-rays are healthier.

Environmentally friendly

Traditional X-rays involve the use of harmful X-ray fixers. These fixers have toxic chemicals like boric anhydride and ammonium thiocyanate. These chemicals irritate the respiratory tract, skin, and eyes. They can even be dangerous if someone ingests or inhales them. Studies show how toxic these chemicals are to the blood, kidney, thyroid, and liver. Organ damage results from repetitive or prolonged use.

The general dentist does not use these X-ray fixers in digital X-rays. There are no toxic waste products thrown into the surrounding environment. This makes the world more ideal to live in. There would be fewer environmental issues if all the dental practices use digital dental X-rays.

Quicker treatments

Traditional X-rays take time to produce. This results in extended treatment time because the patient and the general dentist must wait for the traditional X-ray results. Digital dental X-rays can take and process multiple images at once. The software displays them right away. This enables the general dentist to manipulate the images. In turn, the treatments become quicker.

Progress tracking

Dentitions move and change in physical appearance over time. Traditional X-rays can show these changes by placing the new X-ray film on top of the old one. Using digital X-rays allows the general dentist to monitor the progress of the patient’s teeth and gums. The dentist can even spot the cause of the change. The cause could be restorations, bone loss, fillings, or tooth movement. Dental digital X-rays show the patient what is happening, allowing them to understand more about the status of their dental health.

Easier collaboration

Sometimes, the general dentist needs the opinion of a specialist for a patient’s diagnosis. This will happen smoothly by collaborating online. Sending and receiving case photos of the patient is faster. This results in the quicker confirmation of the diagnosis.

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You and your general dentist can maximize each dental checkup with digital X-rays

Traditional X-rays are bulky, time-consuming, and toxic. It can also expose the patient to more chemicals. Thanks to modern dentistry, dental digital X-rays are now available. These high-tech X-rays make each diagnosis and treatment accurate and short. A regular appointment with your general dentist can help you experience a faster, more accurate dental checkup.

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