General Dentistry: Benefits of Digital X-Rays

General Dentistry: Benefits of Digital X-Rays from Paramount Dental Care & Specialty in Long Beach, CAThere are many benefits to going to a general dentistry office for checkups and treatments. If you have not seen the dentist for a long time, you should schedule an appointment right away. Regular visits can help you enjoy good oral health and feel good about your smile. One of the ways in which the dentist will diagnose conditions is by taking X-rays. Today, more and more offices use digital X-rays. This method offers advantages that traditional images cannot match.

What X-rays at the general dentistry office detect

During a dental appointment, the dentist and hygienist will examine and clean the patient’s teeth and gums. A hands-on exam may not be enough to spot some issues in the mouth. X-rays can spot small cavities not visible to the naked eye. These images can also reveal cavities underneath fillings and crowns. An X-ray will show jaw deterioration and other concerns with the jaw. X-rays are effective in diagnosing the presence of cysts or tumors in the mouth.

Less radiation

Some patients shy away from getting X-rays because of the possible risks involved. Any traditional X-rays will emit radiation, though it may be a small amount. The general dentistry staff will take precautionary measures, but there can still be exposure. A nice aspect of digital X-rays is that they emit an even smaller amount of radiation than traditional X-rays. Be advised that the dentist will still avoid taking these images with pregnant women and small children.

Faster treatment

A checkup at the general dentistry office usually lasts about an hour, sometimes less. X-rays can take some time to develop and for the dentist to read them. Digital X-rays are even faster and can be available for the dentist to view almost immediately. This speeds up the appointments and helps the patient to get in and out quickly.

Accurate diagnosis

Without X-rays, it would be difficult for the dentist to identify and diagnose various dental conditions. These images are vital in correctly spotting problems at early stages. Digital images give the dentist an even more accurate view of the patient’s teeth and jaw. The pictures show the dentist the patient’s mouth at a view otherwise unavailable. The digital format can show the mouth in more detail and clarity than with traditional X-rays.

Environmental benefits

Not only are digital X-rays good for the patient, but the world around the person may benefit. The chemicals found in X-ray fixers are shown to have an impact on people and the environment. Digital X-rays do not use chemicals but are instead computer-based. This has a positive impact on the patient and people and animals that could be exposed to discarded X-rays and equipment.

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Looking out for your oral health and well-being

Anyone who has visited a general dentistry clinic has had X-rays. This usually takes place at the beginning of the appointment. These images are vital; the dentist could not make proper diagnoses without taking X-rays. With digital images, the dentist can see pictures of your mouth more clearly. Ask your dentist today whether the office uses digital X-rays or the traditional variety.

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