General Dentistry Hygiene Tips for Healthy Teeth

General Dentistry Hygiene Tips for Healthy Teeth from Paramount Dental Care & Specialty in Long Beach, CAGeneral dentistry focuses on helping you to restore and enjoy good oral health. Your dentist is a great resource when it comes to hygiene tips to get healthier teeth. Sometimes, a reminder of the basics is helpful even if you feel you are practicing good oral health. Anyone can experience an improvement in their smile by building better oral care habits. Try these tips to achieve healthier teeth and gums.

At least twice a day

Dentists advise patients to brush and floss at least twice a day. That means that sometimes brushing and flossing more than twice is a good idea. When people brush and floss, it is also important not to rush through it. People should take the time to brush all of their teeth. Also, sometimes, brushing immediately after eating is not the ideal time. When consuming acidic foods, people are better off waiting a short period before brushing.

Brush more than the teeth

Other parts of the mouth need cleaning besides the teeth. Gently brushing the gums clears away debris from along the gumline. Also, using a tongue scraper or a toothbrush to clean the tongue will leave people with a cleaner mouth because bacteria can linger on the tongue. Teeth brushing should take around two minutes to complete, so there is time to be thorough and clean all the areas of the mouth.

The tools for the job

Having the right tools for the job is also important for healthy teeth and gums. If the toothbrush bristles are too hard, the toothbrush can damage the teeth and gums. Finding a comfortable, soft-bristled toothbrush is key because it will be easier to move around the mouth. General dentistry advises people to brush all the surfaces of the teeth with circular and back-and-forth motions. Also, a toothbrush does not last forever, so people should replace it when the bristles wear down or flatten.

Flossing facts

Flossing is the bane of many people when it comes to oral hygiene. Even when people do floss, it is often done incorrectly. General dentistry recommends using a piece of floss that is at least 18 inches long. There is a right way to floss to prevent injury to the gums. Patients should gently move the floss around each tooth, using a fresh portion of floss and getting more if necessary. Patients who struggle with using floss may have more success using an interdental pick or a floss threader.

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General dentistry provides a partner

General dentistry focuses on helping you to maintain great oral health at home. Your dentist is an integral part of your oral health and a wealth of information and guidance. Regular visits to the dentist for teeth cleanings and checkups will help you to have better oral health in the long term and works hand in hand with oral health at home. Maintaining good oral health can directly impact your overall health and reduce your risk for certain diseases. If you have questions about how to optimize your at-home oral hygiene routine, partner with your dentist for guidance on technique.

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