How Often Should You See a Kid Friendly Dentist

How Often Should You See a Kid Friendly Dentist from Paramount Dental Care & Specialty in Long Beach, CAParents should have their child visit a kid-friendly dentist once every four to six months for a check-up visit and cleaning. Additional visits may also be necessary if the child is going through certain treatments or experiences oral health concerns that developed since the last visit.

When to see a kid-friendly dentist for a check-up visit

Understanding when to take a child to a kid-friendly dentist for a check-up or treatment is important to ensure they are able to achieve ideal long-term oral health. The following is a review of the times when visiting a kid-friendly dentist for a child may be necessary.

Every four to six months for a routine check-up and cleaning

A common mistake parents make is only taking their child to the dentist when there is a notable oral health concern. However, it is best to visit the dentist every four to six months regardless of the condition of your child’s oral health for preventive reasons. During the visit, the dentist can conduct an oral examination to see if anything has changed with the child’s oral health and conduct a dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup.

What happens during a routine visit with a kid-friendly dentist?

A routine visit with a kid-friendly dentist involves a quick chat for the child to get to know the dentist and their staff. The dentist can also perform an oral examination and order dental X-rays to gain an understanding of the child’s oral health. They can then recommend a treatment plan accordingly, which may involve a routine cleaning on the same day and scheduling a follow-up visit.

The benefits of regular dental visits with a kid-friendly dentist

Regular dental visits with a kid-friendly dentist help children keep good oral health long-term, preventing oral health concerns before they develop. They also teach children good habits of visiting the dentist regularly that can carry into their teenage and adult years when they become more independent.

Oral health signs that indicate a need to visit a kid-friendly dentist

Parents may need to take their child to the kid-friendly dentist if they develop oral health concerns. This can include signs of weakened or eroded enamel, swollen gums, or dental trauma (i.e. chipped tooth).

How to care for your smile between regular dental visits

It is important for parents to help children care for their smiles between visits. This should include reminding them to brush when they wake up and each night before bed and to floss regularly. Parents can also help their child’s oral health by limiting sugar consumption as well.

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Visiting a kid-friendly dentist is a great way to get your child the oral care they need in a stress-free manner. Here at our practice, we offer a range of services for kids and work hard to ensure every child feels comfortable during their visit. The secret is our friendly staff and welcoming environment that allows children to stay relaxed.

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