The Long Term Benefits of Seeing a Kid Friendly Dentist

The Long Term Benefits of Seeing a Kid Friendly Dentist from Paramount Dental Care & Specialty in Long Beach, CAA kid-friendly dentist can reduce the level of nervousness a child experiences while they are receiving dental care. They can also educate children in a manner that they understand and help them to create healthy habits that can carry well into their teenage and adult years.

How a kid-friendly dentist can improve long-term oral health

It is helpful to understand the differences between a kid-friendly dentist and a general dentist that primarily treats adult patients. A kid-friendly dentist aims to improve the oral health of children and help them establish good oral care habits for long-term benefits that the child may not receive otherwise.

A kid-friendly dentist explained

A kid-friendly dentist takes pride in treating younger patients. Children often have different oral care needs than adults, which means having personalized treatment is important. Kid-friendly dentists make an effort to improve the overall comfort level and friendliness of their dental practice so that children who may otherwise feel nervous are able to relax and remain calm during each visit.

Reduce the risk of dental anxiety

One of the most notable long-term benefits of seeing a kid-friendly dentist is the reduction of dental anxiety children often experience. Many teenagers and adults struggle with dental anxiety, which is anxiousness or fear experienced in anticipation of a dental visit. This often stems from bad past experiences with the dentist as a child. By visiting a kid-friendly dentist, the likelihood of the child developing these anxieties is much less.

Educate children on oral hygiene

Kid-friendly dentists also aim to educate children on oral hygiene. Of course, all dentists educate their patients to an extent, but kid-friendly dentists typically have a more effective manner of communicating with younger patients. Learning useful oral hygiene advice at a young age can have a lasting impact into adulthood. This can include information on brushing techniques, dietary choices, preventing dental trauma, and more.

Create healthy habits of visiting the dentist

Healthy dental habits such as brushing properly, visiting the dentist two to three times a year for a check-up, and flossing daily are great for long-term oral health. By getting into a healthy routine of visiting the dentist regularly at a young age and caring for their smile at home, children have a much better chance at avoiding oral health concerns when they are adults.

Improved oral health through orthodontic care

Many kid-friendly dentists offer orthodontic care. This is done to fix teeth and jaw misalignments. This, of course, offers cosmetic benefits, but it also makes it easier for children to care for their smiles, allowing them to reach difficult areas of the mouth while brushing and flossing.

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