Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment for Crowded Teeth

Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment for Crowded Teeth from Paramount Dental Care & Specialty in Long Beach, CAHaving orthodontic care makes a lot of sense in many situations. If you have crooked teeth or bite dysfunctions, this treatment may be right. Orthodontics can also be effective if you have gaps in your mouth or oddly shaped or worn teeth. The same is true for a crowded mouth. If you neglect to seek a method, your smile can suffer. There may also be ill effects on your health and well-being.

An explanation of crowded teeth

A mouth can be crowded with teeth when there is not enough space for the teeth to fit properly in the jaw. The results can cause the teeth to twist or become severely crooked and misaligned. The teeth may also overlap or grow in front of and behind one another. Teeth can even fall out due to this orthodontic condition.

How teeth can crowd

It is helpful to understand how this orthodontic condition comes about. In most cases, the person cannot prevent crowding from happening. Genetics can be a common reason. Some people have extra teeth in a jaw that does not allow for this. Other factors include the early loss of baby teeth or the abnormal growth of teeth.

Difficult to clean

One of the main reasons to get orthodontic treatment for crowded teeth is so that the patient can effectively brush and floss. When there is not enough room to accommodate all the teeth, the person may not be able to reach every tooth with a toothbrush. Some teeth may hide behind others. Others may rotate in such a way that brushing every surface is challenging.

Similarly, crowded teeth do not make it routine to floss. The person may get frustrated by the inability to manipulate the floss in between each tooth. Eventually, the individual may stop trying to brush and floss. Or, this essential activity may not occur often enough.

To avoid decay and gum disease

People of all ages should brush at least twice a day and floss daily. Ignoring these needs can lead to serious dental conditions. Tooth decay is likely to arise. This will cause deterioration of the enamel layer and lead to cavities. Without intervention, the affected teeth could fall out. Poor flossing or the absence of flossing can contribute to gum disease, which can eventually be a factor in tooth loss.

Get orthodontic treatment for crowded teeth to repair a smile

Aside from health concerns, crowded teeth can be embarrassing. As this problem causes an array of alignment issues in the mouth, the individual may not want to smile. The person may even avoid being around others. The right treatment from an orthodontist can create space in the mouth for all the teeth to situate properly.

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Make space and get a new smile

The troubles that come from a crowded mouth can be a thing of the past. Thanks to orthodontic treatment, you can evenly space your teeth. You can have a beautiful smile that you are proud of. Talk to your orthodontist about whether you are a good candidate for a treatment method.

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