Signs You May Need a Dental Crown

Signs You May Need a Dental Crown from Paramount Dental Care & Specialty in Long Beach, CAYour dentist can help determine if you need dental crowns. There are many reasons for getting these restorations. The main goal is always to restore the tooth and enhance its functions. Here are the signs you may need dental crowns soon.

There is a need for a dental bridge

Losing at least one tooth can cause more dental problems. It can lead to dental shifting, which can then cause dental loosening and more tooth loss. A dental bridge can replace one to four consecutive teeth. A traditional one will need two dental crowns on both sides of the pontics. A less traditional one will need one crown on one side. The teeth that receive the caps are the abutment teeth.

The dental crowns will support the bridge. Grinding down a significant amount of enamel from the abutment teeth is necessary for the caps to fit. The dentist will then cement the crowns on them. These restorations can support the artificial teeth that fill the dental gap.

The patient has a root canal

An individual will need root canal therapy to get rid of the infected pulp. The dentist will drill into the top of the teeth to access the infection. Doing this will start to weaken the dental structure. The back teeth are the ones that often receive this treatment because they are used for chewing. Once the dentist fills the pulp cavity with gutta-percha, placing the custom dental crowns will follow. The caps will strengthen and protect the treated tooth against future damage.

There is significant dental damage

Studies show that some facial injuries can cause mouth injuries. The patient may experience chipping or fractures. The damage can happen in more than one area of the tooth. Pain is a telling sign that there is significant dental damage. The dentist will find out if it is present in more than one tooth or in more than one section of the tooth.

The dental crowns will cover the affected teeth after treating the damage. These restorations can keep the weakened tooth intact. They can protect the teeth from future damage. The crowns can also strengthen the teeth.

There are advanced stages of cavities

In some cases, dental crowns can help the teeth more than regular dental fillings. Studies show that an advanced cavity does not leave enough natural dental structure for a filling. The remaining structure is often thin and fragile. This situation will call for dental crowns. The dentist may still fill the teeth and then place the crowns over the treated teeth. This will provide better strength and protection against future decay.

There are stained or misshapen teeth

Stained or misshapen teeth often cause embarrassment or awkwardness. Lifestyle, diet, or medications can lead to dental staining. The discoloration may be too severe for a regular dental whitening treatment to handle. Decay, bruxism, or genetics can cause teeth to have unnatural shapes. These issues can go away by placing dental crowns over the affected teeth.

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Knowing the signs that you must get dental crowns can help you set an appointment right away

A consultation with your dentist can help point out signs the teeth need full correction. The most complete treatment method will be to place dental crowns over the affected teeth. Staining and damage can disappear when the dentist cements the custom caps on the teeth that need them. Working with your dentist can make your dental crowns last for a long time.

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