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Adult braces are often used to treat patients with teeth alignment issues. Traditional metal braces were the norm for a while, but more subtle options, like clear aligners and invisible braces, have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Many improvements have also been made to traditional metal braces. They now have slicker designs that are less visible than their predecessors. Newer versions can complement a person's appearance, and there are all sorts of customizations available.

Regardless of the improved aesthetics of modern traditional braces, most adults would still rather not use orthodontic devices that can be easily noticed when they interact with others. They want straighter teeth, but they do not want the hassle of wires and brackets on their teeth.

Discreet braces for adults

Clear aligners

Clear aligners make it possible to improve the alignment of a person's teeth without compromising their appearance. These devices are made from clear plastic, and they are hard to spot when a person is wearing them. Most importantly, they are quite effective when it comes to dealing with various teeth alignment issues.

A clear aligner looks like a mouth tray. It is a device that is made from transparent materials. It is designed to fit snugly against a person's teeth and gradually push them toward their proper alignment. Each aligner set is typically worn for about two weeks, and then it is replaced with another set that applies more force to the person's teeth. By the time that the person goes through the entire series of trays, their teeth are typically in the desired positions.

Clear aligners have many benefits, besides being a more subtle way to straighten teeth. These include:

  • Clear aligners are easier to get used to
  • The aligner can be removed for meals or oral hygiene
  • Clear aligners are a more comfortable solution
  • They cost about the same as traditional metal braces

Ceramic braces

Ceramics braces are similar to traditional ones, meaning they work by utilizing brackets and wires. Traditional braces have metal brackets and wires, but ceramic braces have tooth-colored ceramic brackets, and the metal wires are switched out for transparent ones. This makes it much harder to spot ceramic braces.

Ceramic braces is an effective treatment, but they share a few of the same drawbacks as their traditional counterparts. The patient cannot remove the braces once a dentist has installed them, so it can take a while for the person to get used to eating with them and cleaning them.

Frequently asked questions about discreet adult braces

Discreet adult braces are ideal for those who want to improve their smile without compromising their appearance. Here are answers to commonly asked questions about these types of braces.

Q: What are discreet adult braces?

A: Discreet adult braces are an orthodontic treatment that uses clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires to straighten teeth. They are less visible than conventional metal braces, making them ideal for adults who want to maintain a professional look during treatment.

Q: How do discreet adult braces work?

A: Like traditional braces, discreet adult braces use brackets and wires to gradually move teeth into the desired positions. However, since they are made of clear or tooth-colored materials, they are less visible on the teeth.

Q: How long does treatment take with discreet adult braces?

A: Treatment time will vary depending on each individual’s orthodontic needs. However, treatment with discreet adult braces generally takes 12-24 months.

Q: Are there any special considerations for the care of discreet adult braces?

A: Yes. Since the brackets and wires are made of clear or tooth-colored materials, they can easily become stained. It is crucial to avoid foods and drinks that can cause stains, such as coffee, tea, and red wine. Also, regularly brushing and flossing are essential for maintaining good oral hygiene during treatment.

Q: Are there any other benefits to using discreet adult braces?

A: Besides being less visible, discreet adult braces are more comfortable to wear than traditional metal braces. They also put less stress on the gums and teeth, which can help reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Ready to get your braces?

Not wanting to wear metal braces is no longer a valid excuse for not dealing with teeth alignment issues. You can now get an orthodontic device that will straighten your teeth, and people will not even realize that you are wearing it.

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