What Happens During Clear Aligner Therapy

What Happens During Clear Aligner Therapy from Paramount Dental Care & Specialty in Long Beach, CALike braces, clear aligner treatment can successfully straighten teeth and correct bite problems. Braces were the most popular and available choice for many years, but aligners are more common today than ever. If you are unhappy with the way your smile looks, aligners can be effective. Understanding how aligners work and what the process is like can help you make your decision. You can then move forward with this method and achieve your goals with your smile.

Orthodontic problems that the aligner treatment can address

Many people struggle with their smile. Aesthetic problems can be embarrassing and hamper a person’s self-image and self-esteem. Orthodontists frequently treat people who have crooked teeth, and aligners can correct this concern. Aligners are also useful in helping people who have crowded teeth when the mouth does not have enough space.

Also, this treatment makes sense for patients who have minor bite dysfunctions. These include an underbite, overbite, and crossbite. People who have gaps in the mouth should also consider aligners. This approach may also make sense for people who have abnormally small or large teeth.

How aligners work

Aligners are made of clear plastic and fit over the top of the teeth. The device looks a lot like a mouthguard that a person would wear for teeth whitening. Because the aligners are clear, they are practically invisible, which is nice for people who want a discreet treatment. Like braces, the aligners force the teeth to move by applying pressure.

The consultation

The patient will first meet with an orthodontist to talk about their goals and needs. The orthodontist will explain how clear aligner treatment works and what to expect from the process. The patient can ask questions and express concerns. The treatment will customize to the patient’s goals. The orthodontist devises a treatment plan by taking X-rays and making 3D impressions of the mouth.

Getting the first aligner

With the X-rays and impressions, a technician will make the first clear aligner set. The patient comes back to the office so the orthodontist can ensure the device fits. If necessary, the orthodontist can make any adjustments. The aligners may feel awkward at first, but the patient will grow accustomed to them.

Follow-up visits and new aligners

With clear aligner treatment, the patient will get a new set of appliances at each visit to the orthodontist. This will occur every few weeks as the teeth move. The patient should take good care of the aligners. This includes rinsing them frequently and keeping them in a secure place when not in use.


A nice benefit of clear aligner treatment is that the patient can take out the appliance. The person can also have them out for two to three hours a day. In fact, patients should remove the appliances while eating. Wearing them at night at bedtime is essential.

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Clear aligner treatment has benefits

For straight teeth and a gorgeous smile, clear aligner treatment is a good option. The device is comfortable and invisible. You can also take out the aligners. For these advantages and more, talk to your orthodontist today. You can see whether you are a good candidate for this method.

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