What to Know About Adult Teeth Straightening

What to Know About Adult Teeth Straightening from Paramount Dental Care & Specialty in Long Beach, CAAn orthodontist can recommend different teeth straightening options to adult patients. These methods can deal with any orthodontic issue. Your choice will depend on your needs. If you want to find out what you should know about teeth straightening options for adults, here are the details.

Why adults want straighter smiles

Many adults want to be better-looking. A person’s smile is the first thing everybody sees. An aligned smile can enhance one’s face right away. This can uplift self-worth. A straight, bright smile is a sign of health and self-care.

Crooked teeth or teeth with wide gaps tend to cause swollen and red gums. Crowded teeth are challenging to clean as well. Bacteria thrive in these areas. Then, plaque and tartar form, leading to tooth decay. Teeth straightening makes brushing and flossing easier. It can result in better dental health.

Malocclusions can cause difficulty in eating and speaking. These jaw or bite problems are often painful. The pain tends to spread to the neck and head, causing terrible headaches. Teeth straightening can correct these problems.

Some adults may have worn braces decades ago. Then, their teeth moved over time for some reason, causing crooked areas. When that happens, plaque starts to build up in between misaligned teeth. Then, gum disease and tooth decay develop. These adults may want to regain youthful dental health. Teeth straightening can give them that.

Ceramic braces

Using this type of teeth straightening system uses tooth-colored or transparent brackets. The wires can even come in an ivory shade. The effect is discreet, which is favorable for adults who work around people. Ceramic braces can treat more difficult malocclusions. The brackets are more comfortable. These can make the treatment quicker as well.

Traditional braces

Many people do not like this method of teeth straightening. It involves having metal brackets glued onto teeth. Metal wires set the alignment. Elastics then attach the wires to the brackets.

This means enduring scratches, cuts, and punctures on a regular basis. Hard and chewy foods are not good because these items could dislodge the brackets. The patient must go to the dentist for monthly adjustments. This tightens the wires to force the teeth to the correct positions.

Clear aligners

These are popular teeth straightening systems. The custom-fit trays are custom-fit and come in varying tightness. Changing the aligners every one or two weeks will align the teeth. This is a comfortable system because there are no wires or brackets to worry about. The patient can remove the aligners during teeth cleaning, playing contact sports, eating, and drinking hot or colored beverages.

Dental bonding

This is a quick and easy way to have straight-looking teeth. Bonding uses a resin material to remove dental imperfections and correct misalignment. The treatment will last for about an hour or so. The length of the treatment depends on the number of teeth in need of teeth straightening.


Adults who want a smile makeover without the hassle of orthodontics can enjoy having veneers. This will give an individual the Hollywood smile with thin porcelain shells. The dentist will place the shells on the teeth in need of alignment. This type of teeth straightening can correct crowding, gaps, chipping, and staining as well.

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You can have the teeth straightening method you want according to your needs

Adults can achieve better dental health with straighter teeth. The mentioned teeth straightening methods are available depending on your preference and needs. Talking to your orthodontist can determine which of them will help you the most. Straight teeth may take time to achieve, but the dental visits will be worth it.

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