What Do Endodontic Specialists Do?

endodontic specialists

Few dental problems, including infected and decayed teeth, are pretty hard to take care of. That is when your regular dentist refers you to endodontic specialists. Endodontists help save your damaged teeth, treat toothache and perform RCT or root canal treatment.


Duties that endodontic specialists perform:

Endodontists are in charge of critical dental disorders that involve tooth pulp, including nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. Only endodontic specialists can perform root canal treatment and treat your infected tooth nerve.

Difference between general dentist and  endodontist

The primary focus of the general dentist is to treat the tooth portion that remains above the gum line. But, when the problem underlies the inside of the tooth, endodontic specialists comes into action. A regular dentist needs to undertake special training before practicing endodontic treatments.  Endodontists are known to save your tooth, no matter how severe the condition. The alternative endodontic treatment is tooth extraction, which is merely accepted by any patient.


When to see an Endodontist?

People often take their toothache casually and intake painkillers to reduce the pain temporarily. But hardly do they know what a disaster they are inviting! Before things get serious and you need to lose a tooth, consult a specialist. Here are three conditions when should you  seek professional treatment:

  • Chewing or even the slightest pressure causes intolerable pain
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot food and drinks
  • Tenderness and swelling around your gum line
  • Tooth discoloration (tooth gets darken)
  • Recurring of gum blisters


The Treatments offered by Endodontists

Root canal treatment: As mentioned earlier, an endodontist’s primary duty is to perform an RCT. It is necessary when you encounter infection and inflammation in your tooth roots.

Endodontic surgery: In some cases, the former infection persists even after the RCT treatment, that is when the endodontic specialists perform an apicoectomy chiefly known as endodontic surgery.

Apexification: This particular treatment procedure ceases an open tooth root’s end part. It is needed to treat the tooth with immature roots.

Endodontic retreatment: Sometimes after an RCT treatment, a tooth does not heal properly, leading to severe pain and discomfort. The only way to save a tooth in that situation is endodontic retreatment.

Treatment for dental injury: Sports injuries, accidents, etc., often result in chipped, injured, or cracked teeth. Endodontists proceed with tooth replanting treatment.


How Endodontists perform root canal treatment

At first, the endodontic specialists diagnose the root cause of your dental pain and discomfort to decide whether or not you require a root canal through dental x-rays. Then they follow the following steps:

On the day of the surgical treatment, the specialist numbs the pain using a local anesthetic. (Since the nerve of the infected area is already dead, the anesthetic is not really necessary. Still, to insulate the tooth, the endodontist sometimes uses it).

  • Then he determines the severity of the damage with the help of advanced 3D microscope technology.
  • After that, they keep the area dry during the process, placing a rubber sheet around your tooth.
  • The specialists then drill a hole into the infected tooth to remove the pulp (bacteria). This process is performed through root canal files. These files are positioned into the previously created hole.
  • Thereafter, the Endodontists remove the debris using sodium hypochlorite or water.
  • Once the infected tooth is properly cleaned, the professionals seal it. In most cases, the experts wait for a week before providing the dental sealant whereas others seal it the same day.
  • While sealing, the endodontist applies a sealer paste and places gutta-percha, a rubber compound, into the root canal.
  • Since root canal teeth are weak, partially damaged, and have a large filling, a dental crown is needed to support the RCT.


At Paramount Dental Specialty care, we have endodontic specialists who can diagnose and treat you efficiently after observing the reports of the panoramic x-ray. Also, with us, you can get your retainers to fix your straighten teeth or overbite to straighten teeth and dental deep cleaning for healthier gums. Contact us now to get an attractive smile with healthy gums.

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