Facts About Braces that Everyone Should Know

Dental Braces


We all know that dental braces are a great option to straighten crooked teeth and malpositioned jaw. But very few are aware of the fact that braces do a lot more other than restoring an attractive smile. Yes! You read right! And instead of fearing the metal braces, you should embrace them! To give you an insight into the perks that braces come with, we have mentioned the fun facts below. Take a quick look at them!

  • Dental Braces prevent cavities   

Food granules easily get stuck between crooked and crowded teeth, gradually leading to cavities, tooth decay, and gum infections. However, dental braces can easily avert these oral issues. Braces create a barrier before the chances of developing cavities and infection-related disorders.

  • Braces improve speech and eradicate chewing problems 

Because of the improper positioning of the teeth and jaws, individuals often go through several complications, including poor speech and difficulty in chewing. Dental braces eventually resolve these problems, improving your speech and chewing troubles. Additionally, it is clinically proven that braces help solve breathing disorders as well! 

  • Braces are of as many as ten types

Generally, by the term braces, people commonly refer to the one made of metal. And these days, the clear braces, popularly known as Invisalign is on hype. But do you know there are several other types? And our orthodontists at Paramount Dental recommend you the one that suits perfectly to your teeth and jaws! 

  • Braces are not only for teens and tweens

Who says that only teens and tweens can straighten their crooked teeth using braces? Well, it is a misconception! Even adults can get a gorgeous smile with braces. The duration might vary, but adults can opt for dental braces for sure! If you are looking forward to getting one, consult our specialists! Our orthodontists examine your oral condition and suggest the braces type best fit for you.

Some myths about dental braces

Most individuals are afraid of getting braces. And the reason behind it is the myths that float around. Here we are to burst them out! So, let’s start from number #1.

Braces will rust: It is the most common myth that everyone believes, which untrue! Metal generally runs when it comes in contact with water. But braces are not prepared with such metals! They are usually made from titanium alloy. Hence, your braces are safe!

With braces one cannot participate in any sports: 

Braces never interfere with your sports! As long as you have your mouthguard on, you can participate in any kind of sports while wearing your braces!

Braces are painful: Now it is what scares people to get braces! They can create a little discomfort at the beginning. However, braces never really hurt.

Braces create obstacles in playing instruments

Even if you have dental braces on, you will not have any issue playing musical instruments like a saxophone. You just need to get accustomed to it.

We have a team of expert orthodontists at Paramount Dental who will guide you precisely on what to do and what to not while you are wearing your braces. Also, they will burst out more myths like the above-mentioned ones!

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