A comprehensive guide to dental implant

Today, dental implants are considered the most-performed treatment in the world of cosmetic dentistry. It is safe, reliable, and does the job of replacing a missing tooth pretty efficiently. Before you undergo a dental implant, give a read to this write-up. It will deliver you a clear insight into the types and options of dental implants.


The two main categories of dental implants

Subperiosteal: It is performed when the bone density is insufficient to grasp the implant its position. The implant is installed above the jawlines but under the gums.

Endosteal:In the case of the endosteal, the implants are installed directly on the jawbone and can easily hold more than one artificial tooth.


Options involved in a dental implant

Knowing the options before undergoing the treatment helps you in making better decisions. Take a look at the choices that you can acquire to replace a missing tooth or filling the tooth gaps with artificial teeth.


Replacement of single tooth

It is the most-opted and affordable treatment procedure. In this case, a single implant is used with the help of a dental crown. It closely resembles a natural tooth.


Replacement of multiple teeth

In some cases, the patients need to replace multiple missing teeth. At that time, the dentists make use of the dental bridges. These bridges are safe, durable, and pretty reasonable.


Replacement of full-set teeth

In case of full-set teeth replacement, the surgeons use an entire edentulous arch. And to support the full-mouth denture, around four to six implants are installed. It assists in reinstating the usual mouth balance.


Sinus Augmentation

To install the implant in the region like maxillary posterior using a maxillary sinus is indeed a challenging task. But thanks to the expert dentists! The professionals lift the sinus floor along with the bone and place the implant efficiently.


Ridge Modification

Do you have a bony defect in your mouth? Then ridge modification is the ideal choice for you! Individuals who do not have enough bone in their mouth require this specific implantation procedure. The surgeons at first lift the gums and fill the space with the substitutes of bones. It,in turn, assists in building the ridge. The process supports the implant placed inside the mouth.

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