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Retainers are orthodontic appliances that help keep teeth straight after active orthodontic treatment. These devices are custom-made to match the shape and alignment of each patient’s mouth and teeth. While orthodontic treatment is responsible for straightening teeth, retainers play an important role in maintaining their new positions.

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TYPES OF RETAINERS: Some are removable, and some are fixed to your teeth. They can be for upper, lower or both sets of teeth. Your orthodontist will provide the best kind specific to your needs.

WHY DO TEETH SHIFT? Changes in tooth position are lifelong and naturally occurring. Do not be alarmed if small changes occur. Teeth are not set in concrete. They are set in bone. Because the bone around your teeth is continually changing (breaking down and re-building), your teeth may shift after your braces are removed.

CAN RETAINERS BE WORN TOO LONG? No. Many people wear removable retainers nightly for the rest of their lives.

MY TEETH ARE OUT OF PLACE AFTER ORTHODONTIST TREATMENT AS A TEEN:If you notice an unwanted change in your smile or bite, contact your orthodontist. An orthodontic "tune up" may be necessary.

WHEN TO CONTACT MY ORTHODONTIST? Contact your orthodontist if you retainer is lost, broken or not fitting properly, or your fixed-retainer becomes loose.

“There are two general types of retainers available, fixed and removable.”

“Patients with removable retainers are free to eat what they want, but they must remove their devices before eating or drinking anything.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can retainers stain?

A. Yes. Without proper cleaning, retainers are at risk of yellowing due to plaque buildup and staining foods and drinks. Patients can avoid discoloring their retainers by cleaning them regularly and taking out their retainers while eating and drinking.

Q. What happens if I lose my retainer?

A. Patients that have lost their retainer should contact our team as soon as possible. To have new retainers made, patients must have impressions taken again. In the future, patients should be sure to keep their retainers in a protective case to avoid losing them again.

Q. How do I clean my fixed retainer?

A. Cleaning fixed retainers is a simple process but may take some practice at first. Since they are attached to the patient’s teeth, it is important to floss properly. Without proper maintenance, plaque and tartar can buildup in the fixed retainer.

Q. What will happen if I do not wear my retainers consistently?

A. Patients who do not wear their retainers consistently are likely to experience discomfort when placing them on their teeth. This uncomfortable feeling results from pressure in areas of the mouth that are trying to move teeth back to their original positions.

Q. Will I need check-ups for my retainer?

A. Yes. Retainer check-ups are important for monitoring movement and checking for potential needed improvements. Our team can also provide patients with recommendations and advice for keeping teeth straight.

Definition of Orthodontic Terminology

Active Appliance
Orthodontic appliances that apply force to change the position of teeth.
Fixed Retainer
A fixed retainer is fixed permanently in the mouth and behind the teeth.
Hawley Retainer
A Hawley retainer is a type of removable retainer made from wire and acrylic. A thin wire runs on the outside of the front or bottom teeth and is attached to an acrylic or plastic base shaped to fit the roof of the mouth or inside the lower teeth
Passive Appliance
Passive appliances in orthodontics refer to appliances that don’t use force to move teeth but are designed to keep teeth where they are.
Removable Retainer
A removable retainer is a retainer that can be removed from the mouth for eating and cleaning.
An orthodontic device used to keep a patient’s teeth in proper positioning after orthodontic treatment.
Retainer Brite®
Retainer Brite® is a retainer cleaner that comes in pellet form and contains sodium bicarbonate and citric acid.
Oral Hygiene
Oral hygiene is the practice of maintaining the cleanliness of the mouth, teeth, and gums through brushing, flossing, and regular dental appointments.
Orthodontic Appliance
Orthodontic appliances have multiple forms that can help treat malocclusions, irregularity with the teeth, and disproportionate jaw issues.
An orthodontist is a dentist who is specially qualified to diagnose, prevent, and treat any irregularities of the teeth and jaw.

Our team at Paramount Dental Care & Specialty provides retainers in Long Beach and the surrounding area. These appliances are a crucial part of maintaining your straight and beautiful smile. Call us today at 562-450-1261 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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If you have had orthodontic treatment, retainers can help you keep your teeth straight. Our team at Paramount Dental Care & Specialty can help. Call us today at 562-450-1261 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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