Six essential tips for fast recovery of wisdom tooth extraction

After the age of seventeen, many individuals start getting their wisdom teeth. However, very few have the room in their mouth to adjust the extra tooth. And that is where the trouble commences! Dentists generally recommend pulling out the wisdom tooth to avoid the complication. Following the tooth extraction, you might undergo severe pain. But, rest all your concerns as our experts have shared some tips that can help in fast recovery. Read till the end!


Keep the bleeding under-check

Sight bleeding within the next 24 hours of post tooth extraction is acceptable. So, you should not panic. Try to control the bleeding, make sure to sit in a vertical position, and avoid doing any heavy task for the following few days. Also, rinse your mouth in order to maintain the blood clot and use gauze.


Take your prescribed medicine on time

The medication your specialist prescribes is meant to reduce your swelling and pain. Therefore, do not forget to take your medicines on time. If you have a hectic schedule, carry your medications with you to dodge the delays.


Keep yourself hydrated

When it comes to recovering a tooth extraction, staying hydrated is the key solution! Drink as much water as possible and feed yourself with fruit juices. However, avoid carbonated drinks and beverages. If it is difficult for you to avoid tea and coffee, try not to intake at least 24 hours.


Rest as much as you can

Nothing can help you heal as well as resting. Instead of getting engaged with the regular frantic schedule, give your body some rest to get healed fast. In fact, heavy exercises can worsen the condition. Vigorous work and strains can deteriorate your current oral health, moving the blood clots. During resting, keep your head raised with pillows.


Maintain proper oral hygiene

Just because you have undergone a tooth extraction, there is no reason to miss following your oral hygiene. Brush your teeth gently with a soft toothbrush and keep the extraction area clean and disinfected using an anti-bacterial mouthwash. Nevertheless, brushing or rinsing is prohibited in the first 24 hours of the operational treatment.

If you face troubles owing to your wisdom tooth, get it extracted by our professionals efficiently and painlessly. Our experts suggest you a comprehensive routine to follow until you are recovered. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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