The Quickest Way To Straighten Teeth

straighten teeth

“How do I straighten teeth within a short period of time?” This question often asked by patients to the dentists. Many people are concerned about the time it will take to reach their desired straighter smile after finally deciding to make a change to their smile.

However the process is not that simple. To explain you in detail, 


How do teeth move inside your mouth?

The mouth’s ability to move teeth is very remarkable. It’s a complicated process involving a variety of tissues, cells, and cell signalling molecules. When doctors use metal braces or aligners to exert force to the teeth, the cells in the bone and tissues surrounding the root compelled to behave. All of these biological changes take time and are unique to each patient.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that pushing and speeding the movement of teeth can have the unintended consequence of causing the teeth to cease moving altogether. This can result in significant harm to the roots and surrounding tissues.

But if you still insist, then your answer is braces. They are the only authentic, cheapest and fastest way to straighten teeth. Let’s have a look at various types of braces:


Types of braces

Metal braces: Ligature elastic, acquire, brackets, and bonding material are used in this traditional teeth straightening procedure. It can take anything from 5 months to a few years after the metal braces placed on the teeth to obtain the desired results. The length of time it takes to straighten one’s teeth is frequently determined by the severity of the individual’s situation. It is, however, usually less expensive than other teeth-straightening procedures. This is the oldest way to straighten teeth in the medical book.

Invisalign: It is currently one of the most popular therapy alternatives for adults. Your dentist will take measurements of your teeth and design bespoke aligners for you. The aligners replaced twice a month, and the process repeated until the teeth are straight. Adults are less self-conscious about wearing those aligners because they are composed of translucent plastic and are less visible to others. The average treatment time with Invisalign is 12 months, though this varies from person to person.

Accelerated Orthodontics: When an additional operation is used to the placement of metal braces to reduce the time it takes to attain a straighter smile, it is referred to as accelerated orthodontics. There are several options for Accelerated Orthodontics, but AcceleDent is one of the most popular. 

Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces are constructed of a tooth-colored, transparent material. They function similarly to metal braces, but they are more subtle and less noticeable. Patients who do not think Invisalign or lingual braces are suited for them, but still want to straighten teeth in a discreet and economical fashion prefer ceramic braces. These patients are mostly teenagers and adults who are concerned about their appearance.

Self-ligating Brace: Self-ligating braces are available in metal or clear/ceramic material and work similarly to metal and ceramic braces. Braces and a wire used to shift the teeth in both cases. The difference between self-ligating braces and metal or ceramic braces is that instead of elastic rubber ties, self-ligating braces use doors or clips to hold the wire in place. As a result, they’re a good fit for:

  • Patients with heightened sensitivity to pain
  • Patients who are unable to stay still in the dentist chair for long periods of time Patients who have developmental delays and require orthodontic treatment


Another device other than braces

AcceleDent: it is an FDA-approved medical gadget that you can use at home to encourage bone regeneration, which is required to properly align your teeth. Latest technology, which used in this invention, enables for a consistent, mild amount of pressure to administer to the teeth. This pressure, when combined with the pressure exerted by the braces, allows teeth to reposition more quickly. By using this device for just 20 minutes a day, you can cut your treatment time in half. Now it is not cheap at all.


Your takeaway

If you have money to spend, then you can go for Accledent to straighten teeth. But if you have the patience to wait a little longer and get a better result then you should opt for braces surely. Contact our doctors so they can provide you with more treatments like Dental crown, Deep cleaning, Dentures, Dental cavity, Dental x ray, Tooth chipped, Teeth fixing, Teeth bleaching cost,with your nearest dentist.

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