How to Treat a Chipped Tooth

tooth chipped

A chipped tooth can happen all of a sudden. For example, one fine day you are chewing on something hard and you feel something inside your mouth not dissolving at all.  You get a terrible sensation when you realize what it is: a shattered tooth fragment. Even though the enamel that protects your teeth is the toughest and most hardened tissue in your body, its resilience is limited. Falling, suffering a punch to the face, or clamping down on anything hard can cause a tooth to chip or shatter, especially if the tooth already has some decay. Don’t be alarmed if you notice a cracked or tooth chipped. There are several things your dentist can do to help you.


Treatments of a chipped tooth


Let’s be honest, a tooth chipped face never looks perfect. But that doesn’t mean you forever have to live with a chipped tooth. You just need to follow these instructions:


Take care


If you have a broken, fractured, or cracked tooth, you should see your dentist as soon as possible. Otherwise, your tooth might be more injured or infected, perhaps resulting in tooth loss. The doctors can tell you better, but this blog can give you a general idea of how to treat a chipped tooth.


  • Take acetaminophen or another over-the-counter pain killer if the tooth is sore. Use saltwater to rinse your mouth.
  • If the crack has resulted in a rough or uneven edge, cover it with wax, paraffin or unsweetened artificial sweeteners to prevent it from hurting your tongue and the inside of your lip or cheek.
  • Eat soft mushy foods until it gets repaired. Avoid drinking any kind of sugary substance.


The severity of the harm to a broken or tooth chipped will determine how it is treated. If only a tiny bit of enamel has been broken off, the repair may generally be completed in a single office visit. A severely damaged or fractured tooth may necessitate a more time-consuming and costly operation. Here are several methods your dentist may use to restore a damaged or chipped tooth.


Dental bonding and filling


If you have just chipped a little bit of tooth enamel, your dentist may be able to fix the issue with a filling. If the restoration is to a prominent tooth or can be seen when you grin, your dentist will most likely employ bonding, which involves the use of a tooth-colored resin composite.


Bonding is a straightforward operation that does not usually need to numb the teeth. To join a tooth, the dentist initially roughens the surface with a liquid or gel to make the bonding substance adhere to it. The dentist will next apply a sticky substance to the tooth, followed by a tooth-colored resin. The dentist uses an ultraviolet laser to solidify the bonding material after molding it to seem like a real tooth.


Dental cap or crown


If a significant piece of enamel breaks off or the tooth has a lot of decay, the dentist may shave or file away a portion of the remaining tooth and cover it with a crown, or tooth-shaped cap, established to prevent and enhance the tooth’s look. Metal, porcelain fused to metal, all resin, or all ceramic permanent crowns are available. Distinct kinds have different advantages. All-metal crowns are the most durable. Crowns manufactured of porcelain or resin can be created to look virtually identical to the original tooth.


Some dental clinics use unique device milling equipment that allows them to manufacture a crown the same day and without the need for a silicone imprint. They may also have based on inter scanners, which generate a digital impression that is transferred to a lab in the form of an electronic file.


Dental veneers


Dental veneers are one of the most important ways to treat tooth chipped mouth. Your dentist will extract 0.3 to 1.2 millimeters of enamel from the front of your tooth. The dentist will next take an imprint of the tooth, which will be sent to a dental laboratory, which will fabricate the veneer. When the veneer is finished, which generally takes a week or two, you’ll need to return to the dentist to have it installed.


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