When Should You Rush To Your Nearest Dentist?

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Even if you maintain a good oral health care regimen, you may have to rush to your dentist (maintaining your oral health, reduces the risk of rushing, that is why you should maintain your regime.) Yet, no one can be fully assured of accidents. Not everything is serious, but if you feel these symptoms you should definitely rush to your nearest dentist:



This is the most common problem among every person. Most little kids suffer a lot through it, because of their sweet tooth, which is bad for the teeth. Sometimes a numbing gel from your dentist works perfectly fine, but other times the reason can be more dangerous. — Like an infection, rotting gums etc. If left without any treatment, it can cause a lot of trouble for you. 

If you or your close one feel this pain, try to see if there is food stuck between the teeth. If yes, then use a string of floss and get it out. You can also use warm water and gargle it out. But if the reason stays unknown then it is a sign for you to rush to your nearest dentist right now.


Pain in jaws

Jaw discomfort  can have a variety of reasons. However, it is often associated with patients who participate in strenuous sports. Even people who do not participate in sports can acquire degenerative joint (TMJ) discomfort.

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a medical disorder in which a patient clenches their teeth involuntarily. This generally occurs when one is sleeping, which makes it tough to control. However, it produces complications, like a shattered molar, necessitating emergency treatment.

Use ice packs to the afflicted area for around 10 minutes until you experience respite from jaw discomfort. When that doesn’t work, over-the-counter pain relievers are also effective. But when you see nothing is working or the situation is worsening then it is best to rush to your nearest dentist.


Bleeding gums

Combat sports are the most frequent cause of gum disease. Yet when people use Mouthguards, the jaws might easily bleed upon hit due to their sensitivity. If left untreated, soft tissue damage can be deadly.

If you do not adequately clean your mouth, your gums will bleed as well. Only at your dentist’s office, can you get a thorough mouth cleaning. So, if you frequently miss dentist appointments, you are predisposed to this mouth issue.

Use a clean gauze to stop the blood rush, to treat this problem. Then wash your mouth really well with the salt water solution. This will dry up your mouth. But this is just primary, but you have to see your nearest dentist for a full-on permanent treatment.


Knocked out tooth

Any sort of hazard might cause your teeth to fall out of its position. One fact is certain: an overdenture tooth is created by a blunt force. Fortunately, dentists can immediately replace the entire tooth.

When a tooth is blasted off your gums, immediately pick that up by the tooth cap or the gnawing surface. To avoid injuring the nerves, do not grasp the tooth by the roots. Clean the tooth with clean water and try to re-insert it into its socket. If something doesn’t work, put it in a cup of milk and run to the dentist’s office.


Teeth that have been broken, cracked, or chipped

Damages such as tooth cracks and chipped molars can cause hypersensitivity. If not, it will most likely be unsightly, especially if the damage is towards the front teeth. Typically, the tooth is destroyed when the person is deficient in calcium. Calcium deficiency causes teeth to become weak and brittle, resulting in broken tooth pain.

Keep the fractured tooth fragments on a sterile cotton pad. Apply nothing to the injured tooth fractures and gaps. Wash them with warm water alternatively. If there is discomfort or swelling, apply an ice pack and cotton cloth to the affected regions.

Here you have all the red flags. If you just see or feel even one of them then don’t waste your time and rush to your nearest dentist for a proper treatment. Come to us for Dental crown, Deep cleaning, dentures, complete dental, dental cavity, dental x ray, tooth chipped, teeth fixing, teeth bleaching cost, general-and-cosmetic-dentistry, teeth-whitening, orthodontics, periodontics treatment.

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